Just to quickly let you all know— I will have to ship the kits out on Monday. I have a double shift today at the bakery (wonderful pre-Easter, post-Lent madness) so at work the entire time the post office is open and then some.

Also that I got some lovely messages and I am not ignoring you! I have not had time to sit down and respond, I am writing this post from within a five minute respite before I have to start my daily commute.

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first round of invoices sent out, along with photos— check your inboxes! God, I’m tired. This past week has literally been Marine fun times sleepover bootcamp (essentially one million years dungeon) 10 hours of traveling, sleep, work, deal with this, sleep, work, deal with this, sleep, work, deal with this… 

but you guys are seriously, seriously— like wow I’m at a loss at how helpful and kind and wonderful you are. those of you who have liked/reblogged/spread the word— thank you. those of you who have bought a kit or heads or something— thank you, I freaking can’t wait to see what you guys do, please please share your ideas and progress and ask any questions of me. I will be writing a guide on how to fix Iphigenia, and what she’s supposed to look like, so you are not totally on your own. 

and those of you who have offered to outright donate money to a stranger— you are crazy and I love you and thank you. (Seriously though you are nuts.)

To anyone else who wants to donate— your donation will count as credit towards a future doll purchase. it’s all I can do to thank you right now and I certainly owe you more than that, but hopefully that makes it worth it. 

all right I am going to go collapse now. and then sleep, work, and get back to dealing with this for another day. 

I have replied to all the garage kit messages in my inbox and email— if I have not replied, that means I did not get it. Whoever gets back to me first, with your Paypal address and color preference (or if you would take any color kit at all) has the best chance of getting a complete kit— there are more people interested than kits.

Due to the overwhelming response I’ve gone through the parts again and put together two more kits. However they are very mismatched and are missing right knees and/or right shins. If you would be interested in a kit with a few missing parts then send me an ask— these will be $45.

The floating heads are all gone as well— so no pendants from me, but you can look forward to seeing what other talented members of the BJD community can come up with!

Also I gained like 40 followers, I love you and thank you for being here— as always feel free to drop me a note about whatever, whether it is about sculpting or dolls or even how your day was, I would love to get to know you all better

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you guys are AMAZING, thank you for the reblogs and words of support and for showing an interest— as of the writing of this post light tan and grey are all claimed, all other colors are still fair game, and I will be reserving kits on a first-PM first-served basis. To answer some questions:

- I will sell the heads separately, they are $10 and come only in white or peach. They will be completely rough and as-is, not in refined pendant form. shipping is yet to be determined

-payment is through Paypal! if you would like to make sure you get a kit, send me your Paypal address along with your first/second/third color preference and I will try to reserve you your first color of choice. If not I will write and let you know that you can get your second/third color of choice

-shipping is via Priority Mail Flat Rate, $6, with tracking and delivery within 2-5 business days

I have to go to bed now but I’ll go through my inbox tomorrow and answer any other questions/inquiries then. again thank you— it has never been easy for me to rely on other people for help, and this has certainly been an exercise in becoming comfortable with that, but the BJD community has never let me down. 


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I got back from my training weekend and since more than a few people seem interested in garage kits I sorted through the bajillion resin parts— came up with 18 complete Iphigenia kits with parts I consider workable, although they will require a LOT of work, whether it’s cutting or sanding or drilling or additive work with epoxy, as not all the colors even match. (see rather depressing photo.) This is not an easy garage kit, it is definitely not for beginners, and I advise anyone who takes me up on this to please, please, please outfit yourself with a good respirator and ventilation system before tackling this bad boy. The above photo is fairly representative of what you can expect from any one of the kits, except that the parts might match in color more or less.

They will be $50, 1/4 the original price, and this does not include shipping; I hope very much that this is reasonable. I will not ship outside the US, sorry— I lose too much money on fees.

I am making nothing from this, every penny will go towards refunds. Even if you’re not interested I would greatly greatly appreciate a signal boost— I would like nothing more than to refund my customers as quickly as humanly possible, and between this and my actual real life job, this is all I can do.

I’ll contact those of you who have specifically expressed an interest soon (or you can PM me again), otherwise thank you so much for taking a gander. I’m also trying to figure out how to make some of the decent heads into pendants (please let me know if you would be interested in those instead!) there were a surprising number of ok-looking extra heads after I put the kits together. No right knees though, and a surprising lack of right shins…

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This is literally the best I could do with putting a garage kit doll together from the giant mess. Air bubbles, seam lines, mismatched colors, and the parts are not by any means hollow. Not even the sockets for the joints are there, for the most part. The head for this one is all right (still needs drilling for the hook.) 

Those of you who have said you’d be interested in a kit— what would be a reasonable price for something like this?

Normally I would never even consider selling these things, and I do feel the need to apologize profusely in advance, but I desperately need to recoup some money for refunds. Owing lots of people a small fortune is not a good feeling to have hanging over my head.

PS: augh, more apologies— I am so sorry to spam everyone (somehow still have new followers??? where are you coming from) but I’ll be away at a training event this weekend and effectively completely out of touch from early Thursday to late Monday, so I wanted to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible.

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I am so, so sorry about how this went down. You are such a talented artist and definitely don’t deserve this :(

Thanks ): it means so much coming from you, your work is so, so cool.

Oh gosh how awful!! I can’t believe they even busted up your poor prototype. I’m so sorry. :C

I know right?? Even as an amateur at moldmaking and casting I know that sort of damage is not acceptable. What on earth were they doing to make huge scratches and chips in the primer.

thesillypuppet replied to your photoset “After the kindly interference of some tenants and dear, dear Armeleia,…”

Perhaps you can take the salvageable parts and make something of them? Like what Enchanted Doll does, the little cast hand jewelry and such. It could be something like Kickstarter rewards once you find a new casting company.

That is a really cool idea. Some of the heads in decent shape, maybe they could be made into charms… 

Would you be willing to sell these mix-match parts as garage kits? I wouldn’t mind working with something like this.

if anyone REALLY WANTED the parts, sure, but they are truly, truly awful… I will take more pictures when I have more time but there are so many flaws. Air bubbles ain’t the half of it. You would have to use apoxy or milliput to repair everything, and even then, you’d have so many different weird shades of resin to contend with.

tabbydragon replied to your post: After the kindly interference of some …

This is terrifying. I’ve seen people on the Junky Spot give Robust casting great reviews. These casts are worse than my first attempts with resin. And your poor original! I’m so sorry this has been such a bad experience.

What the heck, they actually got good reviews from some people? How??? I’d like to see this.

After the kindly interference of some tenants and dear, dear Armeleia, who not only drove out of her way to pick up the box and repackage everything (they were originally sent… in dixie cups…) but included some cheering treats as well— I finally got the package. Conclusion: not good.

They sent me a bewildering sea of parts. The photographs above only show the ivory parts, not to mention the white, tan, bronze, grey, and peach shades. And not a single doll can be made. Of the entire batch a very few individual pieces were salvageable— that is, not flecked with pieces of green silicone (?) air bubbles (??) chips (???) and/or crazy huge seam lines (???!!!). Also, the parts are all different shades??? Even within the same color group, there were shades of resin that were more opaque or more translucent, more yellow or more pink or white— even if I had found enough pieces of good quality, there is no way they would have matched in color.

In somewhat good news, they did send all parts of my prototype back. Chipped, scratched, and broken, then ineptly glued back together, then cracked apart again— but all parts are there. 

When I was doing my molding there was never this amount of chipping or scratching or damage done to the surface of my prototype. How they managed to outright break some of the parts, and then scratch the hell out of the primer, is utterly beyond me. 

Which brings us back to full refunds for everybody. A few of you have already taken them, those of you that haven’t— I am so grateful for your faith in me and that after all this, you were still willing to wait for a doll, or even to work with the unfinished pieces— and I am so sorry to have to say that I can’t send you a doll from this useless pile of resin. 

But I think I will have Iphigenia cast, properly. Not as a preorder, and probably only in one color, but I will. Seeing her in person again reminded me of what it was to hold her and what a spirited little doll she is, and seeing her in resin was even better— even if the quality of the resin castings was complete crap, she deserves to be brought to fruition. So after sending out refunds and patching her up I will save up to do this again properly.

Called FedEx. Basically they can/will do nothing for me without the sender being involved, and RC have not replied to my emails. If they don’t fix this before it is delivered there, FedEx says I am out of luck. Doesn’t matter what’s in the package, doesn’t matter that the sender is going out of business and doesn’t reply to emails in a timely fashion.

My options are to have the package held and they will keep it there for 3 days. I have to be there in person with ID to pick it up. Or I guess beg the landlord to intercept it but the chances of that are slim. I don’t know if I could have someone up there stalk the FedEx truck for a day and then sign for me either, that’s just unreasonable.

Well if RC doesn’t get on top of this I guess I’ll have to take time off work and drive up there. 20 hrs on the road. There goes another weekend.

I am so done.

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News, of a sort

Robust Casting has sent me my package with the dolls and my prototype via Fedex and the tracking number works, but, and here’s the thing, they sent it to the wrong address in a completely different state, and it is due to be delivered on Wednesday to the new tenants at my old apartment complex.

I can request that the package be held for pick-up at a Fedex location there but it will only stay there for five days, and I have to be there /in person/ with my ID to pick it up. After that it gets sent back. Or they try to deliver it again. Who even knows. At any rate, I am not in a position to make a trip up to New York within 5 days of the hold date. 

Does anyone have experience with getting Fedex packages rerouted to a different address, in a different state, while the thing is enroute?

Also, I keep gaining followers even though all I have done for a while is post boring text posts about this fiasco??? I swear to you I will get back to pretty doll pictures as soon as this is sorted. Anyway hello to you and feel free to PM me or tell me to shut up or whatever


At long last, an update. 

I sent multiple emails to Robust Casting in the past few weeks and finally got a response:

Dear Caroline,
We are extremely sorry but we made a mistake in our time calculations and took on too much work at once. Unfortunately, we will not be able to complete your order but, as discussed, we have sent the casts made of your original doll to your address (the original is included as well, of course). Please find the tracking number below.
We have processed a full refund to you and please accept our huge apologies. We are very, very sorry indeed. 
Your tracking number is: (personal info deleted).
Yours faithfully,
Will Kendrick
Quality Control
So that is that. I was pleasantly surprised at having got a full refund on my deposit. Not that it changes anything they did, but I sincerely believe that these people just got in way over their heads and couldn’t handle the pressure— I don’t think anything malicious was intended on their part. However, some of the comments other artists left on my Flickr are truly scary. Plus what has happened to cicadasoup is… just wow. 
I don’t know which color dolls got sent in the post, or what state the casts are in, if they are even usable or workable— so at this point I will begin issuing refunds with the funds I have available. I will be selling Artemis to make up the remaining money to refund people as soon as possible. Huge, huge thanks to all of you for being so sympathetic and understanding— I got so many heartwarming messages and offers of help and it has given me hope that I should try this again later on, with Dollshe or Weiju or whoever else. I’ll be working hard to get everyone their money and once that’s done, if I’m not totally burnt out on dolls, will get back into sculpting.
dollsandstuff asked: The same thing happened to an Ohio-based company who tried to cast dolls for Catrina when she was head of that 'International BJD Artist Guild" crap she made up. Of course, Catrina was crazy and ran away with money- but several artists sent masters and never got any kind of casts from them because the casting services just don't know how to work with BJDs. Casting resin is one thing, making dolls is another entirely.

It really is. But what baffles me is it’s not like Robust Casting haven’t cast BJDs before— they did it for Lightpainted Doll quite successfully, and that was part of what convinced me that they would be safe to work with, despite them being relatively new on the block. They also did send me pictures of the casts they made of my doll, eventually. I think, like others have said, that they just took on more than they could handle. They also have have an unfortunate habit of telling customers half-truths they think will placate them, instead of being honest.

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Robust Casting have now deleted their facebook. hmmm.

and there they are, slowly collapsing in on themselves like a flan in a cupboard…

Well, it will take me a few weeks to recollect funds from various places and selling things off, but again, anyone who wants a refund will get one if the dolls are not in the post to me by the end of March. If it ruins me, you will get your refunds. This has had such a maddening impact on not only the future of my company, but on my personal life— I just. Nothing is going well for me right now and this is the absolute last thing I needed.

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…giving another meaning to sweet tooth, right?

oh you


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Sorry to hear about the casting company. You should totally take pictures of your cakes and cupcakes though!

Thanks! I will. Especially since my friends/immediate family seem to go for them more than my dolls lol

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holy fuckbees i want to see your cupcakes

also make a tiny fondant cupcake topping of you punching robust casting in the soul

Your fuckbees is my command (sorry weird phone pics:

We don’t do fondant-covered cupcakes (as of yet— I may persuade my boss to change things up a little) but I can make all the fancy toppers I like.

Anonymous asked: Hey is the casting company you are working with, robust casting? Because cicadasoup seems to be having a problem as well.

Yes, that’s the company. Sorry if that was not clear, because I’ll be warning all the BJD artists I know to stay away from them… the wonderful, talented cicadasoup and I have chatted about it a bit (hoorah for Tumblr’s wee BJD artist network) and compared our experiences, are there other artists watching me that are going through this too? It’s just utterly baffling. They started out so promisingly.

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