Aw darlin! I did not see this. Why does Tumblr not notify folks about the fanmails.

1) reeaalllly bad at saying hello to new followers. HELLO i love you please enjoy your stay I will… probably…do a real update…eventually

2) I am into articulated objects in general, not just BJDs— it all started with those little cloisonne articulated fish you see sometimes in a Chinese market. the bastards. I recently found a crab version of this at the National Aquarium, it was like… the holy grail of articulated cloisonne sea creatures

3) there was a sale on Origin for all the Sims 3 extensions and my handsome hubs got me like 7 of them. i have been binge-playing them for a week. you will probably never see me again.

4) aside from sculpting and the military I love history (Napoleonic wars, exploration of very cold places, the world wars…) and used to have a history blog. Sort of. 

5) gonna start Wendler 5-3-1 and see how it goes for a year

PS found my wallet



"Last weekend was pretty cool, because my alma mater was the subject of a front-page story in the New York Times. Unfortunately, they got there because they utterly shit the bed at handling a sexual assault case." — JF Sargent

5 Uncomfortable Truths About Rape on College Campuses

#5. Doing the Right Thing Will Hurt the Colleges

Rape reports going up is actually a good thing. Feel free to quote me on that. The reason an increase in rape reports is a sign that things are getting better is because it’s actually getting reported. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes in the world, with only 40 percent of cases ever going beyond private conversation, and 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted — a number that’s always seemed a little lower than what’s real to me, frankly, but that’s just speaking from anecdotal evidence. So as these reports go up, they’re actually trending toward reflecting the actual amount of sexual assaults that happen. It’s roughly analogous to realizing your home has cockroaches: It’s a painful shock, but at least you now know to buy some bug poison.

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Real talk, Cracked has repeatedly shown that it wants to be an inclusive space for women, and basically won my eternal adoration that way.

That was my school in the NY Times. Hobart and William Smith, look it up. When I was there, there was another case like this, not to mention so so much unreported sexual harassment. And it was the same old story, the rapist wasn’t expelled, the victim had to deal, and everyone kept on making rape jokes, whatever. I wish I had known then what I do now, because goddamn if I wasn’t ignorant. I didn’t do anything then, when my voice and my leadership in the student body could have made a difference. I regret that, so much.


The cost of dolls

After Friday’s post, there is another matter I’d like to discuss. Every now and then when I’m browsing the internet, I come across a post of someone saying how:

these dolls are way too expensive and doll artists make a ridiculous profit off our backs”.

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I am pretty sure I left my wallet at a Doubletree I stayed at earlier this week, but my husband called them and they said nothing had been found there. Has anyone had experience getting lost stuff from a hotel? Should I keep bothering them or just take them at their word? 

Also I gotta make a trip into DC tomorrow for a parade, wish me luck. Those of you in the area know about the stupidity that is the 95 and this will also be my first time going into the city with a particular location in mind as opposed to just passing through, so… what time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

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Feral Works Loves Sculpting Giveaway!

I love sculpting and a lot of my followers seem interested in trying it out. Sculpey is a great way to get started, and I’ve put together a very basic kit which can help you on your sculpting way!

What you get:

  • 5 in 1 Sculpting tool 
  • Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay by Katherine Dewey
  • 1 lb of Super Sculpey
  • Maybe some other goodies :D


  • Reblog this post once to get an entry. Multiple reblogs do not count. Likes do not count.
  • You must be following my blog:
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  • New followers are welcome!
  • You must be willing to share your address, or if you are under 18, get your parents’ permission to share your address. I need to be able to ship this stuff to you! 
  • The winner will be randomly chosen on WednesdayJuly 23rd in the evening. Reblogs after the drawing will not count. 
  • If the contacted winner does not respond within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen. I want to ship this stuff out on the 20th!
  • I reserve the right to remove an entrants from the drawing (like if you make rude or mean comments on your reblog, so please, only reblog if you are actually interested in winning). If you want to signal boost without entering, just mention that in your reblog
  • You must have an open ask box, so that I can contact you!
  • I will pay for shipping, but only standard first class shipping. I can ship internationally, so anyone can win. Though please be advised international shipments may take over 2 weeks to arrive, and I am not responsible for any additional customs fees that may be incurred.
  • If you win, you agree to the above terms.

Thank you, everyone who follows me… You are awesome!
Good Luck!

This is amazing of you!

Signal boost for aspiring sculptors who follow me! feralworks <3

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I want to try an experiment a little like the YouTube around the world day. On Saturday, July 12th, take and post a photo of at least one of your dolls. Whether it’s a photoshoot, a meetup, face-up/modding, or just hanging out on the shelf, just take a photo and post it to Tumblr. #BJDday

Image by BJDConfessions

It’s today!!

Does anyone know what happened to the Russian BJD newsletter here? It seems like they changed their format/content and now I am not sure where to go for Russian BJD news?


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Art hangout on Sunday afternoon or evening?


Anyone interested? And if so, what time works for everyone?

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feralworks replied to your post: Workspace Wednesday Got motivated to w…

I think it’s because I’m used to working with oil-based clay… maybe? 

And yes, I agree, we all need to have a big studio space where we can work together! And drink all the coffee :)

We should do an art together sometime! I thought there was one a couple weeks back but I wasn’t able to go and see how it went or who showed up. Did you go? (Though let’s be honest I’d just spend the whole time looking at what everyone else is doing and pointing and going ‘oooh’)





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I actually have the same issue as feralworks! That stuff is sticky as all heck for me- it ends up coating my fingers basically. But man a sculptor retreat would be magic (even if I would feel horribly antiquate the whole time!)

Huh! I must have a really high tolerance for stickyness. Or weird nonstick teflon fingers. (Probably. That’s probably it.)

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Workspace Wednesday

Got motivated to work on this guy a bit. Haven’t had much news around here lately— still waiting on casting updates from Weiju, but I don’t expect to hear anything from them until the end of the month.

Anonymous asked: i really hope this round of casting works out, i don't have the technical skill to have ordered one of the garage kits and made her shine, but your dolls are so lovely i dream of having one!!

I do too! (Sorry for replying so late. I’ve been moving house across the state.) I don’t see why it shouldn’t work out this time, Weiju by all accounts is reliable and produces high quality resin casts. 

Thanks for this message you are a sweetie :D


Reblogging, because there are still a few Salomé’s left!

Signal boost for a lovely artist!

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For all you sculptors out there

Weiju has my doll and today they sent me the invoice. Mold fee for my 14cm BJD is $380, which is basically the same as what I paid Robust Casting, and each sample is $100. The samples cost more than the dolls will eventually and also they are sending sample boxes (?) or perhaps pillows. Last part of the cost is shipping via DHL.

Anyhoo, once I get the samples I’ll run a preorder. Or just deal with the entire cost out of pocket. I do not like having people send me money for goods that do not exist— even if Weiju is much more trustworthy and actually delivers on its goods. 

I have not been sculpting much because I took up archery a few weeks ago (my husband surprised me with a gift of weapons!) and my fingers can only take so much abuse. Any of y’all archers? I shoot a traditional composite bow. I think it is Mongolian.

ETA: Says they will ship them at the end of July. I give ‘em until September. 

mo-chi-hi-me asked: Hi I was wondering when you are working with apoxie sculpt are you able to leave it and and go back to it as in leave it for a couple of days then continue because apparently it sets after 24 hours but what if you haven't finished by then :s :)

It starts to harden and becomes unworkable after about an hour. The full 24 hours takes it to complete hardness. Ok, I get that you’re probably intimidated by that but trust me, it is really easy to add and subtract clay after that. I mean, christ, if you’re worried about your ability to take your sweet time with a sculpt, my first BJD took like 2 years for me to finish. Give it a go. It will make your sculpting life easier. Forreals.