Hiatus 20 Sept to ?

It is time. Thanks for all your support and messages and love, all the friends I’ve made here mean the world to me and I dearly hope to hear from you in the coming weeks, whether you can send doodles or a letter or news clippings— any hard evidence of the outside world still existing will be very much appreciated. I will do my best to write back. If you wish to write to me, email my wonderful hubs at rjwburroughs@gmail.com and he will give you my mailing address, and probably some guidance on what is ok to send.

Until we meet again, Tumblr!

She is so lovely. Where did you get the furniture? Did you make that as well?

Oh no! Not nearly as productive as all that— it’s Bespaq furniture. They make the best 1/12 scale furniture on the market IMO. Not sure who made the carpet but I got it for like $5 on eBay, woo

look at all this amazing furniture good god

Sorry you guys are probably sick to death of seeing her but by request I took some better pictures of the peachy color one (difficult, at my non-existent skill level). A few more on my Flickr

bluekitsune asked: Heya, I hope you don't mind me bugging you... I'm trying to figure out information to decide on how to cast a head in the future. I saw your info on weiju on The Joint, but I can't seem to find a website/email for them Y_Y Maybe i missed something /looks over

Not at all! You can contact them at bjdchina@gmail.com (Ivy) or graceszc@gmail.com (Grace, the USA contact.) Their info was on jpopdolls.net, but it seems to have disappeared… anyone know about this? Either way, the emails are still good and they’re still in contact with me. They may just have taken it down to deal with their holiday orders. Send one of them a pic of your finished head, along with what you want to them to do, and they will help you decide how to proceed. Let me know if you have any other questions! 

Look who arrived in the mail today! 

I asked Iki of Shooting Stars if she could send me my Daffodil a tad earlier, what with having to disappear for a couple of months and not knowing if customs was going to cooperate—in short she went above and beyond, and I am ecstatic and extremely grateful that she went out of her way to do this for me. 

She arrived all padded with foam in a pretty, unbelievably tiny box. Inside were two soft bags, both quite heavy. Inside one of the bags was the teeny flower queen! She is so TINY and intricate and poseable. I love the way her torso moves— lots of movement in all directions. Her knees and hips are also wonderfully designed and hold a pose easily. And even though her elbows are single-joints she can touch her face. 

Just an interesting note as far as the fullset goes— the color contrast between all the different kinds of metal is neat. Definitely makes use of the unique materials!

Gratuitous comparison shot with my Iphigenia just to show you how tiny she is! She must be 1/24th scale. Easily one of the coolest dolls I’ve ever seen. I should probably look up how to take care of her though— I don’t handle much jewelry at all.

Thanks, Iki! And thanks to my hubs for letting me buy her. Hehehe.

tl;dr Everybody go support this amazing artist when she does her next release! 

totally not a boob

Just a smalltown boob, livin’ in a lonely world, took the midnight train going anyywheeerreeeee


I just realized that people have been attempting to contact me through my website’s contact form, and being a total boob, I… haven’t properly set up my webmail forwarding. Sorry. I am very sorry. Some of the questions I got are months-old but if they still apply, send again and I’ll be able to pick up on it and answer this time. 

Confession: I set up my website not expecting anyone to actually go look at it or use it in any way. I realize now that this plan was sheer folly.

I admit that I freaked out when the tracking number thing left me hanging for a week and Weiju was radio silent. What I didn’t know was there was a holiday going on, and that the tracking numbers do get mixed up by their carrier. I was burned by a casting company in the past and it has made me paranoid. I am sorry. 

But now my Iphigenias are here! Some in-depth notes about what they did over here on my blog.

Still nothing from Weiju.

And I’ve got nothing much else to say about that. Been five days since my last email to Ivy and I just sent one to Grace (who knows if she will be able to help.)  Anyone with experience working with this factory know what else I can do?  

I’ve spent enough money in this hobby over the years to buy like six Venitus, and I don’t have six Venitus. That’s sad. I should have at least seven Venitus to make up for this crap. You hear that, Universe? seven. you owe me seven.

Well, I got my packet with my orders, and my flight is booked. It’s starting to feel real. Twelve days to go. Anyone who wants to write to me please send me your email address, I’ll have my hubs send out my physical mailing address when he gets it. And I say ‘write to me’ because this is in fact a completely selfish request. I’m not assured that I’ll be able to write back between exhaustion and lack of time. 

bluekitsune asked: Shit I wasn't aware of the issue with your package of Iphi. T_T I hope that can be solved as headache free as possible. Even if it doesn't, the mistake clearly wasn't yours and the (caster?) should cover for it. Its still infuriating someone might just walk away with your package (and your beautf babies) but it can still be dealt with. Take care, as you said Boooze! (i cant drink fml)

Aw, thanks. I still haven’t gotten any word, after sending another email (which is honestly unusual for Weiju, they’ve been good at replying within 1 business day). But at this point I’m literally counting down the days until I go into training, and my husband’s surgery, so I just. There’s only so much I can worry about. Package shows up, good. If it doesn’t, well, then I’m out about $650. Doll making is not for the busy… I’m not doing this professionally and I can’t structure my entire life around when companies decide to work and when they don’t. I have to move on.






I hope the makers of this are ready to be millionaires


drink until the homicidal thoughts pass

no advertising required.

Learn what Alcoholics the world over have known since grapes were first squished - alcohol is for self-medicating.


Thank you, lovely. I like that there is a helpful threat level meter on the bottle. I think in this situation I would like a jar of moonshine labeled ‘where in the land of fucking fucks are my fucking dolls’ 

bluekitsune asked: CHamomile does nothingggggg

Did I say tea? I meant booze. Booze is the answer. 

Still no word from Ivy. Thanks everyone for your messages and sympathy, you all get me through the day. I’m in a weird state of ‘trying-to-be-reasonable-and-also-bracing-for-the-worst’ and also dealing with a bunch of real life things so arhg.

In better news I managed to be number 8 on the reservation list for this beautiful tiny silver BJD, and there’s a chance I might even get to see her in person before I have to ship out (cuts it a bit close— she ships on the 15th, and I have to leave for training on the 19th). Actually that’s probably optimistic. But hey. Pretty dolls.

Also hubs is having surgery on his other leg that same week. Holy crap I have got a lot going on.

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Best case scenario, it was the wrong tracking number.

Worst case scenario, somebody in Minnesota now has my prototype and two free dolls. 

I’m just… going to wait until Ivy gets back to me. But if it’s the right tracking number and my dolls are lost, then I’m done. I am done.

art-iculated asked: aha my last name is Lui! I've never met anyone else with that name, who spells it like that (people always want to correct it to Liu, for some reason.)




Same here! I always get that at cafes even if I spell it out loud haha. Nice meeting you! :3

And I’m a sculptor too! What a coincidence. 

Kindred spirits~ :D
Checking your website. Oh my god your stuff are amazing!

I just found your proto-BJD head sculpt :D I really hope we get to see a full doll from you one day! You have a beautiful aesthetic and great technique.